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» August 18th!


It’s August 18th! Whoop whoop

  • Percy’s birthday
  • Percabeth’s anniversary
  • Battle at Manhattan anniversary
  • Rachel became the oracle

Happy August 18th demigods!


[MSG]: When's the wedding?

[Text]: Wedding? Who’s wedding?

» Jealous messages
[MSG]: Did you have fun with you-know-who last night?
[MSG]: I guess my company doesn't interest you any more.
[MSG]: What do you see in that guy/girl?
[MSG]: (S)he's kind of hot... you think?
[MSG]: Is he bigger than me?
[MSG]: When's the wedding?
[MSG]: I heard you and ___ are an item.
[MSG]: Is there... someone else?
[MSG]: I never agreed to an open relationship!
[MSG]: Does she do that thing that I do for you?
[MSG]: I see you'll flirt with just about anyone.
[MSG]: I'm a fool for thinking I was special to you.
[MSG]: How serious is it between you two?
[MSG]: You've been spending a lot of time with ___ recently.
[MSG]: So you tell all girls/guys that, I see.
[MSG]: So that's your type, huh?
[MSG]: Who's better in bed, me or him/her?
[MSG]: I can't bear to see you with someone else.
[MSG]: You're just a slut.
[MSG]: Just curious... not like I'm jealous or anything...



Seeing that she was no harm from the gentle position she had and the soft smile, he decided to untie the rope that tied his sword to his hips with a drop of ‘clang' so he could dry his clothes as the sun that afternoon was warm enough to suck the water out of them. “Oh.. A friend? From who?” Nod thought that somebody from the camp had known Spring and told her about leafmen (or himself), turned out it might be just his misunderstanding. “Oh, are you saying 'friend' as not my friend, but a safe person kind of friend? Sorry, the water inside my head is still stirring..” He replied with his head tilted, trying to get the water out of his left ear. “I apologize for my exaggeration of falling into the water because some forest sprite turns out to be able to talk with me. And oh, again, I don't mean to dominate or intrude your territory. I'm just hanging around..” He placed both of his hands up to his hair and ruffled it messily to dry it, then he took off his shoes because ever had a shoes on while you're inside the water? That nasty feeling of socks sticking into your feet? That's a big no for him right now..

"I am a friend to all who are friends of the forest," she clarified, smiling when he realized what she had meant. "And yes, that meaning is true as well. You are in no danger here." Given the vast difference in their size, Spring wanted to make sure that this tiny person knew that she was in no way a threat to him. Although, from what she could see, it wasn’t her size that alarmed him, it was how different she looked. The green of her skin did tend to throw people off when they first saw her. Sometimes she blended in to the backdrop of the forest so well that her company didn’t see her until she was right before them; needless to say that she had accidentally frightened more people than she could count that way. She couldn’t help that the forest camouflaged her so well. Most times it was a good thing, but not always. 

"Please," she assured again, "there is no need to worry. You are not intruding at all. I am always glad to have company." Especially such curious company. In all her years, the sprite had never seen anyone like him before; so small that he could fit inside a flower. "Who are you, if I might ask? I have never met someone so small before." 

Nod let all her words sank into his head and processed it slowly, rearranging words, while he gave one last squeeze to his shirt before settling down on the grass with some dews on them. “People in the forest call me Nod, and I’m a Leafman. Which means that I protect the forest at all cost, against the Boggans who create the bad stuff like rotten things.” He said it calmly as he hoped that Spring had heard of the Boggans. “I’m not small, it’s actually completely normal. Everyone in Moonhaven is in this size, very convenient! Well, unless you compare it to stompers then it’s another story.” He let the warmth of the sun dried his clothes.

As Nod kept on thinking on how he fell into the river just because a gentle forest spirit decided to say hello to him might be a little bit too much of exaggeration. He hoped that Spring wasn’t offended, because he never heard of any forest spirits alive around the forest and this one decided to pop out of nowhere to greet him, which was a very nice decision to make. Deep down he knew that Spring never meant to scare anyone, and he didn’t want to cause any misunderstanding. “And oh, by the way, about earlier, I-uh I’m sorry, I fell not because of your- how do I say it…- not about your thought if you’re scary or if I hate being greeted, but I just uh…. kind of fell… So.. Are we good?”